Andrew Sacks

When it comes to knowing more about the man behind the lens, Andrew Sacks is very straightforward and textbook as they come. Andrew never changed his setting from automatic on his many Canon cameras. There are no aperture ring notes on the pages as he takes pictures just as the camera wants to take them. All of the photos are untouched, as he, an admitted boomer who can’t keep up with technology, has never used Photoshop or any other application to alter an image. These are all pure and simple photos. He strongly believes in using the subject matters that deal with lighting, shapes, colors, lines, and with an eye to the unusual and the beautiful. Andrew is an avid traveler who always has a camera with him. His children are the only human beings he has photographed. Andrew is a firm believer in not dictating his feelings of each photo past the title. He was called an artist years ago by a local newspaper after a photo exhibit he did for the local Lupus Foundation.